The Forest Games are announced for 2022 summer

The first Forest Games - a brand new competition of group fun games and sports will be held during summer 2022 peak season at Ruslandia eco-park. Competitions in 25 kinds of sports and games will be held in 5 waves of 1 week each (days of arrival/ departure, 5 days of competitions, a day of rest). This is the Games for families and corporate groups, sports or other interests clubs. #Active sports, #wild nature and #fun! Adults and children of any age can take a part in this competition. Children under 18 years old have to be accompanied by adults only. This is a teams competition - 12-16 people per each team. A minimum of reps from each team have to compete in each of 25 kinds of Forest Games sports and games. All week expenses, including accommodation, meals, full entertanment and participation expenses will cost for the participants just from 200 eur. Some youth and volunteers teams will be hosted by the Open charity foundation. Its a great opportunity for the sponsors - cool WOW effect from the brand NEW product, it is a charity program, it will be shown daily via special channel in social media and by appropriate internet sources.